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We have just added to our logo work on our site.  You can now see into the process of how we create logos.  We generally start by just brainstorming.  Not all the ideas are brainstorm ideas are good ones.  The bad ones we don’t show, but its how we start.  From here ideas get pushed and pulled and then with some feedback from the client, ideas get refined.  Some concepts get combined, some take off in new directions, and sometimes we just nail it.  Anyway, you can see for your self in Branding Portfolio by clicking the name of any logo in order to see more.  Below is one example.


During the design process, the client came to discover two criteria they wanted the logo to meet.  First, to express travel in a subtle way, avoiding the most common iconography such as planes.  Secondly, they wanted it to hint at their Irish roots, without leaving their potential customers with the idea that they only provide tours of Ireland.  We were able to satisfy both requirements.


Getting there...