Can you favorite brushes in procreate?

Procreate doesn’t let you favorite brushes, but you can group brushes together for the same effect. The first way to group brushes is to make copies of your brushes and put them in a folder at the top of your brushes list. Another strategy is to add your favorite brushes to your QuickMenu.

How do I change the Brush Library in procreate?

The Brush Studio contains the settings to adjust existing brushes and create new ones. There are two ways to access it. Tap the + button at the top right of the Brush Library to begin making a new brush. Or, tap on your selected brush to begin editing existing settings.

Where are Procreate brushes stored on iPad?

The brushes will be saved to the Files app. Open this app and find the files you downloaded — they’ll likely be in the Downloads section. If they’re in a . ZIP file, tap the .

Why can’t I combine brushes in Procreate?

Brushes must be in the same Brush Set for them to combine. You can only combine single brushes – existing Dual Brushes cannot combine. You also can’t combine default Procreate brushes. You can duplicate default Procreate brushes and then combine the copies.

How do you copy a brush?

1 Correct answer. Right click it in the Brush Preset Picker > Delete Brush. Right click it in the Brush Preset Picker > Delete Brush. Click to select the duplicate, Ctrl + Click to add others to the selection and then click the Delete button to the right.

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