Frequent question: How do you invert selection in Paint Tool SAI?

What is sandbagging in Paint Tool SAI?

If your using Paint Tool Sai 2 your option will named Specified Layer in the selection box instead of Selection Source like in V1 of PTSAI (the version being used in this tutorial). V2 also has whats called Sandbagging while attempts to clog open holes for you by skipping over holes X pixels wide.

How do you flip the canvas in Paint Tool SAI?

Photoshop: Hold down Alt to use eyedropper, hold down Alt + Shift for Colour Sampler tool. Paint tool SAI: Delete and End keys will rotate the canvas, this just rotates the view; not the actual picture.

How do I resize a selection in Paint Tool SAI?

Resizing by Dragging Control Points

  1. Select the objects.
  2. Position the cursor on a Scale control point.
  3. Click and drag the Scale control point. Hold Ctrl and drag to use the centerline of the objects as a stationary point. Hold Shift and drag to scale the objects disproportionately.

How do I change shortcuts in Paint Tool SAI?

Paint Tool SAI

From the Other menu, select Keyboard Shortcuts. Once the Keyboard Shortcuts Preference dialog box appears, you can add commands for shortcut keys. To set shortcut keys for tools, double click the tool that you want to adjust to open the Custom Tool Settings dialog box.

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Why is Paint Tool SAI so small?

It may be the resolution. You’ll have to lower the resolution for it to become bigger. The lower the resolution, the bigger the menu will be. You can change the resolution back to the original setting after you’re done using Paint Tool Sai.