How do I create a group in procreate?

To group your layers in Procreate, begin by selecting all of your desired layers by swiping right on them. Choose the Group button at the top of your Layers panel. All of your layers will fall together into a new group that will automatically be named “New group.” Rename this group, as needed.

How do you group and ungroup in procreate?

Once you know how to group layers in Procreate, you may be wondering how you can ungroup layers later on. Unfortunately, there’s no direct way to release a layer group. You’ll have to move each individual layer out of the group one-by-one. To do this, simply hold a tap over one of the layers, causing it to float.

How do I flatten a group in procreate?

Table of Contents

  1. Step 1: Open the Layers menu and select the layers you’d like to merge.
  2. Step 2: Place the selected layers into a new group.
  3. Step 3: Flatten the layer group.

Can you group layers in procreate?

When you select multiple layers, you will see the Group option appear on the top right of the Layers panel. Tap it to gather your selected layers into a Group.

How do you stack art in procreate?

You can create a Stack in two ways: using Select mode, or using drag and drop. In Select mode, tap multiple artworks to select them, then tap the Stack button. You can also drag and drop an artwork thumbnail on to another thumbnail to merge them into a new stack.

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Can you merge two Procreate files?

The Procreate combine down setting will put your layers into a group, with each of the layers still separate from the others. The Procreate merge down setting will fuse your layers together, turning multiple layers into one layer.

How do I copy and paste a group?

Select the group which you want to add as a member of another group, and click the copy icon . 2. Select the group to which you want to add the first group, and click the paste icon . The page refreshes, and the copied group is added as a sub-group of the top level group.