How do I mirror an image in procreate?

How do you mirror symmetry in procreate?

If you’re familiar with using Drawing Guides in Procreate you can skip to step 5 if you want, otherwise hang with me.

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’ icon. …
  2. Select Canvas icon. …
  3. Turn ‘Drawing Guides’ toggle on. …
  4. Select ‘Edit Drawing Guide’ …
  5. Select Guide Type: Symmetry to Mirror. …
  6. Select Opacity and Thickness. …
  7. Tap Done to mirror!

Where is symmetry tool in Procreate?

In Actions > Canvas, tap Edit Drawing Guide. This will take you to the Drawing Guides screen. Tap the Symmetry button on the bottom of the screen. When you first open Symmetry, the Vertical Symmetry Guide is shown by default.

How do I turn off mirroring in Procreate?

You can disable the symmetry settings by tapping the layer thumbnail and turning off ‘Drawing Assist’.

What is assisted drawing in Procreate?

It’s called Assisted Drawing. When you turn on Assisted Drawing in Procreate, whatever you draw on one section of your canvas will be automatically illustrated in other sections to create perfect symmetry. Basically, it’s magic! This is what it will look like when you turn on Assisted Drawing.

How do I change interpolation in Procreate?

The Interpolation setting is the circular icon second from the right in the Transform bar. By default, Interpolation is set to Nearest. When you tap Nearest, you are offered three choices, each with its own advantages. Choose the one that best suits your purpose.

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How do you use invert selection?

Inside an open window, hold down Ctrl as you select the file(s) you DON’T want to select (sounds backward, but wait…). Select Edit, then Invert Selection, and Windows will turn your selection inside out leaving you with the files you wanted to select.