How do I rename the texture of a substance painter?

Edit name : allows to rename a Texture Set. This name will also be used during the export process of the Textures. Renaming is also possible by double-clicking on the Texture Set name.

How do you change the main shader on a substance painter?

The Shader settings window is available on the right by default in the Dock toolbar.

  1. 2 – Click on the shader button and select the updated shader. …
  2. 3 – Shader is updated. …
  3. 2 – Switch to the Shader Tab. …
  4. 3 – Find the Shader and update it.

How do you update Minecraft shaders?

Step 1: Launch Minecraft on your system and choose the ‘Optifine’ version. Step 2: Go to ‘Options’ and click on the ‘Video Settings. ‘ Step 3: Under ‘Video Settings,’ look for ‘Shaders’ and click on it.

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