How do I restart SketchBook?

How do I reset my SketchBook?

For Windows users, select Edit > Preferences > the Factory Defaults tab, for Reset Preference Settings, tap Reset. For Mac users, select SketchBook Pro > Preferences > the Factory Defaults tab, for Reset Preference Settings, tap Reset.

How do you redo in Autodesk SketchBook?

Undoing and redoing in SketchBook Pro Desktop

  1. To undo the previous action, in the toolbar or from the lagoon, tap. or press Cmd+Z for Mac or Ctrl+Z for Windows.
  2. To redo an action, in the toolbar or from the lagoon, tap. or press Shift+Cmd+Z for Mac or Ctrl+Y for Windows.

How do you erase on the App SketchBook?

Turning a brush into an eraser in SketchBook Pro Mobile

  1. Select the brush you want to transform into an eraser.
  2. Open the Color Editor.
  3. Tap. and try it out.

How do I get my tools back in SketchBook?

To bring the tool bar back in Sketchbook, use the following methods:

  1. The shortcut CTRL+ALT+J toggles the visibility of the toolbar.
  2. In the lagoon menu on the lower left bottom of the screen, drag with the mouse on the top to bring back “full UI”:
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Does sketchbook autosave?

Saving in Sketchbook for Android

Files are saved as TIFFs in the Sketchbook Gallery‍. You can export these files as a layered PSD, or a flattened JPEG or PNG.

How do I restore Autodesk?

AutoCAD for Windows

Windows 10: Start > AutoCAD 20xx > Reset Settings To Default. Windows 7: Start > All Programs > Autodesk > AutoCAD 20xx > Reset Settings To Default.

Is Sketchbook a one time purchase?

With the update, Sketchbook will be switching back to being a paid app, just over three years since it changed from paid to free. No subscription model is planned.

Is Autodesk Sketchbook Pro free?

In April 2018, the full-featured version of Sketchbook was made completely free to all users; the subscription model has been phased out, and all premium features (including perspective guides, flood fill, layer effects, and brush customization) are unlocked.

How do you delete pictures from sketchbook?

Deleting Photos

Click to select the photo you want to delete. Once selected, click the Delete button at the bottom of the Sketchbook window, or right-click and choose Delete from the menu. In the Photo Tools palette, you must use the context menu (right-click > Delete) to delete a photo.

Where is toolbar in Autodesk SketchBook?

By default, the toolbar is at the top of the canvas. It can be hidden and moved (though not in all versions) to give you a larger work space. It contains most of the tools in SketchBook Pro. When you select a tool, another toolbar may appear below it, containing additional options.

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Where is the color puck in SketchBook?

The Color Puck in SketchBook Pro Desktop

If the puck is not visible, to access it, select Window > Color Puck. Drag within the puck to change luminance and saturation.