How do you duplicate frames in Roughanimator?

How do you copy frames in Krita?

Use the Create Duplicate Frame button to copy the first frame onto the second. Then, use the Move Tool (switch to it using the T shortcut) with the Shift + ↑ shortcut to move the frame contents up.

How do you copy multiple frames in Krita?

Copy multiple frames at the same time

  1. Click the frame at the beginning of your sequence.
  2. Shift click the last frame of the sequence to select the sequence.
  3. Right click the selected frames and copy.
  4. Select some other frame, then right click and paste the sequence in the timeline.

How do you duplicate frames in animate?

Copy or paste a frame or frame sequence

  1. Select the frame or sequence and select Edit > Timeline > Copy Frames. Select the frame or sequence that you want to replace, and select Edit > Timeline > Paste Frames.
  2. Alt‑drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Macintosh) a keyframe to the location where you want to copy it.

How do you copy a frame?

Copy a frame

Create or open a jam. Tap the frame bar to expand it. Touch and hold the frame and then swipe up to duplicate it.

How do you edit multiple frames in animate?

Edit multiple frames

It allows you to view and edit contents in multiple frames within the selected range. Click and hold the mouse on the Edit Multiple Frames button to view and select Edit selected range and edit all frames.

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How do you move all frames in animation?

To move the entire animation to another location of the document window:

  1. Unlock all layers.
  2. Turn on Edit Multiple Frames and set the onion skin markers to display all frames.
  3. Choose the black arrow tool.
  4. Drag to highlight and select all objects on the stage.
  5. Drag the entire animation to the new location on the page.