How do you move a stencil with a substance painter?

How do you move smart materials in a substance painter?

Smart Materials can be added in two different ways :

  1. By drag and dropping a smart materials from the shelf into the layer stack :
  2. By clicking on the Smart Material button to open a mini-shelf :

Can you move a layer in substance painter?

Click and drag to move a layer. When moving a layer, a bar can be visible which indicates where the layer will be put : Bar above a layer : the layer will be put above the layer.

How do you rotate a model in substance painter?

To rotate the lighting in the 3D view, use Ctrl + Right Mouse Button drag from left to right. To set precise rotation, use Environment > Edit in the top 3D View toolbar and change the Rotation Angle slider in the properties window.

How do you blur in substance paint?

Click on the button to open the mini-shelf and select the desired filter, here we choose the blur filter.

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