How do you zoom in sketchbook on iPad?

How do you zoom in SketchBook?

Zoom in to see details and have finer control when sketching and painting. With two fingers, drag and expand on the canvas to zoom in. To zoom in further, repeat this action as many times as necessary.

How do you scale in SketchBook?

Move, rotate, or scale a layer with your finger

  1. To rotate, drag in a circular manner with two fingers.
  2. To move, drag up, down, left, or right with one finger.
  3. To scale, with two fingers, pinch the canvas for a smaller layer and expand your fingers for a larger layer.

Does SketchBook work on iPad?

Sketchbook Pro’s interface has a slight learning curve to it, but before too long, you’ll find it to be well thought out and quick to navigate. … Sketchbook Pro is one of the most advanced painting applications available for the iPad. If you like to paint or draw you should really consider downloading this gem.

How do you move objects in SketchBook on iPad?

Repositioning your selection in SketchBook Pro Mobile

  1. To free-form move the selection, drag with your finger in the middle of the puck to place the selection.
  2. To move the selection a pixel at a time, tap the arrow for the direction you want. Each time you tap it, the selection is moved one pixel in that direction.
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How do I enlarge an image in SketchBook?

Resizing an image in SketchBook Pro Desktop

  1. In the toolbar, select Image > Image size.
  2. In the Image Size window, do any of the following: To change the pixel size of the image, in Pixel Dimensions, choose between pixels or percent, then enter a numeric value for Width and Height. …
  3. Tap OK.

How do you zoom all in Inventor?

Zoom to View All

Use the Zoom All command on the Standard toolbar to zoom a part or assembly so that all elements display in the graphics window. You can zoom a drawing so that the active sheet fit within the graphics window. Click Zoom All to execute the zoom.

How do you crop on SketchBook app?

Cropping the canvas

  1. In the menu bar, select Image > Canvas Size. In the Canvas Size window, set size of the canvas, using inches, cm, or mm.
  2. Tap the Anchor interface to specify how to crop the canvas.
  3. When finished, tap OK.

How do you lasso in SketchBook on IPAD?

Using Quick Selections

  1. Rectangle (M) – Tap in the toolbar or press the M key, then tap-drag to select an area.
  2. Lasso (L) – Tap in the toolbar or press the L key, then tap-drag to select an area.

How do I resize canvas in SketchBook?

To scale the canvas, spread your fingers apart, expanding them, to scale up the canvas. Pinch them together, to scale down the canvas. To move the canvas, drag your fingers across or up/down the screen.