Quick Answer: What happened to Bob Ross the painter?

Ross, the soft-spoken painter whose PBS show “The Joy of Painting” ran for 31 seasons from 1983 to 1994, died of lymphoma in 1995 at the age of 52.

How much was the painter Bob Ross worth when he died?

Bob Ross was an American painter, art instructor, and television host. At the time of his death in 1995, Bob Ross had a net worth of $1 million.

Where is Bob Ross the painter?

Ross died from lymphoma at the age of 52, on July 4, 1995, in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. The majority of his original oil paintings were donated to charities or to PBS stations. Today, Ross remains one of the best-known and highest-paid American painters.

Was Bob Ross a smoker?

According to those who knew him, Bob Ross always had a feeling he would die young. He had smoked cigarettes for most of his adult life, and by the time he was in his 40s, he had suffered two heart attacks and survived his first battle with cancer.

Did Bob Ross have a wife?

Bob Ross, in full Robert Norman Ross, (born October 29, 1942, Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.—died July 4, 1995, New Smyrna Beach, Florida), American painter and television personality whose popular PBS television show The Joy of Painting (1983–94) made him a household name as the painting teacher to the masses.

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Why Bob Ross paintings are not for sale?

Ultimately, the real reason there aren’t more Bob Ross paintings up for sale is that the artist never wanted them to be a commodity. For Ross, the value was in the process, not the finished product. “He was about as uninterested in the actual paintings as you could possibly be,” says Kowalski.

How old would Bob Ross be today?

What would be the age of Bob Ross if alive? Bob Ross’s exact age would be 79 years 2 months 3 days old if alive. Total 28,919 days.

What did Bob Ross do with his paintings?


When Ross died of lymphoma in 1995, most of his paintings either ended up in the hands of charity or PBS. … While he generally didn’t sell his canvasses, Ross did sell some souvenir gold pans during his stint in Alaska.

Did Bob Ross have kids?

Joan Kowalski, president of Bob Ross Inc., said she has seen authentic Ross paintings sell online for $8,000 to $10,000 in recent years.

Who owns the Bob Ross estate?

The show was a success, so Ross created Bob Ross Inc. which owns the rights to his name, likeness, and intellectual property along with his wife Jane and two business partners, Walt and Anne Kowalski.