Your question: How do you rotate a light in a substance painter?

To rotate the lighting in the 3D view, use Ctrl + Right Mouse Button drag from left to right.

How do you rotate a brush in substance painter?

Rotating the Stencil can be done by pressing the S key and click and dragging with the Left Mouse button. Additionally , pressing the Shift key allows to snap the rotation every 90 degrees .

How do you add environment to substance painter?

The first thing you need to do is open up Substance Painter. Under the Shelf section navigate to environment and then drag your file into the area with the thumbnails.

Is there an eraser in substance painter?

The Eraser is a paint tool that erase/hide what has been painted previously by other tools. This tool only affect one layer at a time. The Eraser share common parameters and behaviors with the Paint tool. To know more about the brush, alpha and stencil controls take a look at the Paint tool page.

How do you turn on symmetry on a substance painter?

Symmetry can be enabled by clicking on the Symmetry button in the Contextual Toolbar. Symmetry is only available when using a Painting Tool.

Can you move a layer in substance painter?

Click and drag to move a layer. When moving a layer, a bar can be visible which indicates where the layer will be put : Bar above a layer : the layer will be put above the layer.

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