Your question: How do you transform in procreate?

Is there a Transform tool on procreate?

In the top menu bar you’ll find an arrow symbol. This is the Transform button. When you tap the Transform button, it will automatically select the contents of your current layer, and bring up the Transform toolbar.

How do I distort an image in procreate?

Tap the Distort button in the Transform toolbar. Drag any corner node to begin your transformation. You can also Distort an object from Freeform mode.

How do I select and resize in procreate?

To resize your artwork in Procreate, click on the wrench to open the Actions tab, and click on the Crop and Resize button. Open the settings and toggle on the Resample Canvas button. Enter one of your desired dimensions and Procreate will automatically adjust the other.

How do you warp in Procreate?


  1. Warp Mesh. Move the Warp mesh to wrap and fold your content. Tap the Warp button in the Transform toolbar. …
  2. Node Control. Wrap parts of your image over other parts – or under them. tap. …
  3. Advanced Mesh. For precise control, add and individually adjust extra nodes in your mesh.
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How do you straighten canvas in Procreate?

Do a Quick Pinch to Fit Your Art in the Screen

To fit your canvas on your screen, you need to pinch your fingers quickly together on your screen. If you decide you want to go back to where your canvas was, just quickly pinch your fingers apart to return to the original position.

How do I stop Procreate from losing quality?

When resizing objects in Procreate, avoid quality loss by making sure the Interpolation setting is set to Bilinear or Bicubic. When resizing a canvas in Procreate, avoid quality loss by working with larger canvases than you think you need, and making sure your canvas is at least 300 DPI.

How do I change the opacity of a layer in Procreate?

Change layer opacity – in the Layers menu, tap with two fingers on the layer you want to change opacity. The Layers menu should close and you can slide your finger or pen anywhere on the screen left to right to adjust the opacity. You should see the opacity near the top of the screen.

How do I change the view of an image in procreate?

In Actions > Canvas, tap Edit Drawing Guide. This will take you to the Drawing Guides screen. Tap the Perspective button on the bottom of the screen. Your Perspective Guide appears as thin lines that overlay your artwork.

How do I select a shape in procreate?

To activate the selection tool, tap on the selection icon on the top menu and its options will show up at the bottom. The selection tool can remain active when other functions are being used, such as the brush tool. When the selection tool is activated, only the selected area on the canvas can be edited.

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How do I resize a shape in procreate?

To make your canvas larger, smaller, or a different shape, tap Actions > Canvas > Crop and Resize. Toggle the Resample switch on to begin resizing your content.