Your question: How many palettes can you have in procreate?

30 colors per palette – Procreate allows for each palette to have 30 color choices per palette.

How do I add a color palette in procreate?

Using the Color Picker to Create Palettes

  1. Import the desired photo into Procreate.
  2. Add a new color palette.
  3. Set it to default.
  4. Use the color picker to sample each color swatch.
  5. Touch a spot on the color palette row.
  6. Colors can be deleted if you made a mistake. …
  7. Colors can also be moved around.

How do I get more palettes in procreate?

How to Make Gorgeous Color Palettes + 9 Free Palettes for…

  1. Use photographs as a starting point. …
  2. Get a wide range of colors. …
  3. Start with a lot of colors, then pare down. …
  4. When in doubt, look to nature. …
  5. Make palettes now, make art later.

Is there an eyedropper in Procreate?

Tap and hold anywhere on your canvas to invoke the Eyedropper. Once the Eyedropper appears, drag it to any location on the canvas, and release to select your color. Your new color displays on the top half of the loupe and the current color on the bottom half.

How do you edit palettes in Procreate?

Go to the left side of Procreate, add and then import a photo. On the Ipad screen, press on the color you want. Procreate will show the color on the circle on the screen’s lefthand side, then you can add the color to your color palette.

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Who is art with Flo?

MakerStories — Floortje Visser (aka Art with Flo)

How do you mask in Procreate?

To use a layer mask in Procreate, select the layer your artwork in on and choose “mask” from the flyout menu. This will place a layer mask above your artwork. Next, draw on the layer mask layer with either a white or black brush. Black conceals and white reveals.

How do I remove color from palette procreate?

To delete a color from your palette, press and hold that swatch, then tap Delete. It will vanish, leaving an empty space.

How do I remove colors from my palette?

How to delete a palette?

  1. Open the Palettes Sidebar in either the Generate page or the Explore page by clicking on the hamburger menu button on the top-right corner of the window.
  2. Move the mouse over the palette you want to delete to reveal the three dots icon.
  3. Click on the button to open a menu and select Delete palette.