Can we put GIF in WhatsApp DP?

No, you cannot set a gif as dp for your WhatsApp. However Facebook now allows you to have a video profile picture which can have a maximum length of 7 seconds. This feature is restricted to only iPhone users running on latest iOS version. You cannot set a gif as dp in Instagram.

Can I use GIF as WhatsApp profile pic?

No .. Whatsapp doesn’t support GIF or videos as Profile Pics..

How do I put a GIF on WhatsApp?

How to use GIFs

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  2. Open an individual or group chat.
  3. Tap Stickers > GIF.
  4. Next, you can tap: Search search for a specific GIF. Recents to see your recently used GIFs. Favorites to see your favorite or starred GIFs.
  5. Select and tap the GIF you want to send.
  6. Tap Send .

How can I set my DP on WhatsApp?

On Android, tap the camera icon. Step 5: You have three options. Tap “Delete Photo” to delete your current profile picture without replacing it with a new one. Tap “Take Photo” to take a new profile picture with your device’s front- or rear-facing camera.

How do I make a gif?

How to make a GIF from a YouTube video

  1. Go to and click Create.
  2. Add the web address of the video you’d like to make into a GIF.
  3. Find the part of the video you’d like to capture, and choose the length. …
  4. Optional step: decorate your GIF. …
  5. Optional step: add hashtags to your GIF. …
  6. Upload your GIF to GIPHY.
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Why GIF is not working in WhatsApp?

WhatsApp versions from 2.16. 242 to 2.16. 244 have seen the GIF animation support being enabled, but if you have updated further, it has been disabled again. … As far as the GIF support goes, the feature does not allow you to send GIF files as you would usually expect—you cannot send any GIF files from your phone.

Why my WhatsApp DP removed automatically?

If it’s happening in multiple contacts, somehow the image cache of the app may have gotten corrupted. Go to settings, then Applications, Swipe to all and scroll down to WhatsApp. Force stop the App. Then clear data and cache.

How can I set dp on WhatsApp without cropping?

If the picture size is beyond the supported resolution, you need to crop the image.

4 Simple Steps to Set Your WhatsApp DP Without Cropping on Android Phones

  1. Step 1: Download an App Called ‘#SquareDroid’ …
  2. Step 2: Open the downloaded application. …
  3. Step 3: Choose the background type you need! …
  4. Step 4: Save the image.

What is the size of WhatsApp DP?

For profile pictures, WhatsApp recommends the picture should be at least 192 x 192 pixels. However, it ideally should be 500 x 500 pixels.