Frequent question: How do I change the color of a PNG in Photoshop Elements?

How do I change the color of an Image in Photoshop Elements?

To replace color in Photoshop Elements, select “Enhance| Adjust Color| Replace Color…” from the Menu Bar. In the “Replace Color” dialog box, choose either the “Selection” or “Image” option buttons in the “Selection” section. Doing this then shows the selected one in the display window.

How do I recolor a PNG Image?


  1. Open the PNG file.
  2. Go to Edit > Fill Layer. Under Contents, click on Color….
  3. From the Color Picker, choose a color you’d like to apply. Make sure “Preserve Transparency” is checked. Click OK. Then click OK again. The color will apply to only the image content.

How do I change the color of a layer in Photoshop Elements?

To change a layer color or remove a layer color, right-click the layer within the Layers panel. Then click the color-coding to apply from the choices shown at the bottom of the pop-up menu. If you select the “No Color” choice, it then removes color-coding from the layer you right-clicked.

How do I change colors in Adobe Elements?

Using the Replace Color Command in Photoshop Elements 9

  1. Introduction.
  2. In Edit Full or Edit Quick mode, choose Enhance→Adjust Color→Replace Color.
  3. Choose either Selection or Image.
  4. Click the colors you want to select.
  5. Shift-click or to add more colors.
  6. Press the Alt (Option on the Mac) key to delete colors.
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How do you recolor an image?

Recolor a picture

  1. Click the picture and the Format Picture pane appears.
  2. On the Format Picture pane, click .
  3. Click Picture Color to expand it.
  4. Under Recolor, click any of the available presets. If you want to switch back to the original picture color, click Reset.

Can you change the colors in a PNG file?

Go to your browser and open the official page of the tool. Upload your PNG file by clicking the “Choose File” button. Under “Tools”, choose “Painting Tools” > “Brush” and select the color that you want for your PNG file. Next, brush the background of your PNG file with the mouse pointer.

How do you select all of one color in Photoshop Elements?

If you are asking to the equivalent to Illustrators “select same” function – you can use the Magic Wand tool in Photoshop, click on the color you’re trying to get a hold of and then goto Select > Similar and the magic wand selection will now cover everything that matches your selected color.

How do you change the color of a layer?

Click the Fill/Adjustment layer icon at the bottom of the Layers panel and select Solid Color. Pick a color from the Color Picker that appears. You can move the round selector to adjust the color, and then click OK. Tip: Drag the vertical slider on the rainbow-colored bar to view a different color range.