How do I view just 5 stars in Lightroom?

Use the Filter Bar (press backslash if it is not present at the top of your Lightroom window)Click on attribute. Then click on the number of stars you are searching for. In the example below, I have clicked on the fifth star, and the search will find all photos with 5 stars.

How do I view only starred photos in Lightroom?

To just see the images you flagged as Picks, tap the white Picked flag in the menu to select it. If you want to see just your star-rated images, tap on how many stars an image must have for you to see it (in this case, I tapped on 5-star images only, seen marked in red above).

How do I sort by stars in Lightroom?

Lightroom has a star rating system which can be accessed under the thumbnail of each image in Grid View (G hotkey) in your Lightrom Library. Each image can be assigned a star rating of 1-5 by simply pressing the corresponding number on your keyboard.

How do I filter flagged photos in Lightroom?

To filter your Lightroom Library to only see flagged images, go to the Attribute setting in the Library Module. From the Flag options, select the white flag to view your “picked” images. Now only your flagged images will appear in the library while any unflagged or reject photos are hidden.

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What are the stars on Lightroom?

Lightroom offers three different rating systems – star ratings, flags and colors. Star ratings are usually used to record the quality or value of the photo, with 1-star photos being poor, and 5-star photos being the best you’ve ever taken.

How do you rate photos?

How Would You Rate Your Photography, 1-5?

  1. 1 Star: “Snapshot” 1 Star ratings are limited to snap shots only. …
  2. 2 Stars: “Needs Work” …
  3. 3 Stars: “Solid” …
  4. 4 Stars: “Excellent” …
  5. 5 Stars: “World Class”

How many catalogs can you sync with Lightroom mobile?

You can sync only one catalog between Lightroom on your desktop and Lightroom for mobile.

How do I rearrange slides in Lightroom slideshow?

Rearrange slide order

  1. In the Library module, choose a regular collection or a folder that does not contain subfolders as the source for your slideshow. Make your selection in the Folders panel or the Collections panel. …
  2. In the Slideshow module, drag photos in the Filmstrip to rearrange them.

Where is the filter bar in Lightroom?

The Filter Bar itself appears at the top of the Image Grid and is only available in Grid View. Hitting on the “” key in Loupe View will automatically switch you to Grid View and then show the Filter Bar.

Where is the range mask in Lightroom?

Hold down the Shift key while you click a color, and you can choose up to five colors for Lightroom to add to the range mask. Rather than just clicking, you can click and drag to select a much larger area of the image for Lightroom to analyze the colors.

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How do I view multiple photos in Lightroom?

How to Select Multiple Photos in Lightroom

  1. Select consecutive files by clicking on one, pressing SHIFT, and then clicking on the last one. …
  2. Select all by click on one image and then pressing CMD-A (Mac) or CTRL-A (Windows).

How do collections work in Lightroom?

A Lightroom Collection is a grouping of photos. The photos can be from the same folder or from different folders all over your hard drive. When you put photos in a collection you are NOT making duplicates of the files you are putting there.