How do you create an outside stroke in Illustrator?

You need to add a new stroke outside the Characters level. Then choose Effect > Path > Offset Path . Remember that Illustrator centers all strokes. So if you have, for example, a 4pt stroke and you want it aligned to the outside, you need to move it +2pts (half the stroke width).

Why can’t I align my stroke to outside?

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If you are willing to commit to the type being in final form, you can select it and pick Type > Create Outlines and you can align the stroke to the outside using the button you pointed to in the first screen shot. Once the type is converted to outlines, you won’t be able to edit the text though.

How do you create a custom stroke in Illustrator?


  1. Select the width tool shift w.
  2. Double click at one end of the path.
  3. Choose one side and make it 0px.
  4. Double click the other side now and make that 1px.
  5. Save as a width profile.
  6. Apply to your path.
  7. Flip as needed.

How do you align a stroke in Illustrator?

You can do this by pressing the Escape key. Click the Align Stroke To Inside button ( ) in the Stroke panel. This aligns the stroke to the inside edge of the rectangle.

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How do you add a stroke to a shape in Illustrator?

Apply a stroke color, width, or alignment

  1. Select the object. …
  2. Click the Stroke box in the toolbar, the Color panel, or the Control panel. …
  3. Select a color from the Color panel, or a swatch from the Swatches panel or Control panel. …
  4. Select a weight in the Strokes panel or Control panel.

How do you create a stroke profile?

As shown in the example above, your stroke profiles can be viewed by opening the Stroke window and clicking the Profile dropdown. To add a new profile, select your modified stroke and choose the “Add to Profiles” option in the Profile dropdown of the Stroke window.

Why can’t I align stroke in Illustrator?

The reason why you can’t choose to align the stroke inside is because you applied the appearance set at the group level. … You will realize that the option to align strokes inside is now available.

How do you do stroke proportion in Illustrator?

To keep stroke width constant, or change (along with other properties) in proportion to objects and text when resizing, go to Edit>Preferences>General – then check or uncheck “Scale Strokes and Effects”.