Quick Answer: What size should I make a logo in Illustrator?

For the most part, 250 px (width) x 100 px (height) are the optimal logo dimensions for a web page. Visit this link for logo sample. Illustrator file don’t required any size. So you can make any size.

What size should I export my logo in Illustrator?

For the digital RGB document, we usually aim for it to be around 250px and 600 px wide (depending on the shape of the logo). For the print CMYK document, we’ll set the artboards at around 3 – 4” wide, depending on the shape. But this can be left up to you.

The ideal image is 280 x 200 pixels. Though not ideal, your image can be smaller than 280 x 200 pixels or greater than 1400 x 1000 pixels. This may impact the quality of the logo on your documentation. The ideal aspect ratio for business logos is 1.4, though it can be between 1 and 1.8.

What size should a logo be for a client?

Ideally, a logo should be sized with its largest dimension being 1920 pixels. This means that if the logo is wider than it is tall, make it 1920 pixels wide, and let the height fall where it may. Likewise, if the logo is taller than it is wide, make it 1920 pixels tall and (*) pixels wide.

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How do I make a high resolution logo in Illustrator?

For a high res jpeg you can simply go to file – export -then select jpeg from the drop down box and set the quality you require, higher the quality the larger the file size will be. As for the EPS this is a vector format so is not dependent on resolution and can be scaled up and down without loss of quality.

What is JPG 20 in Illustrator?

Your PNG export will be larger than PNG 8. The export options for JPG format are JPG 100, JPG 80, JPG 50 and JPG 20. JPG 100 has the least compression and gives you a higher quality image while JPG 20 has the highest compression giving you the smallest file size but lowest quality as well.

In general, website logos can be any size, however the recommended logo dimensions for a web page are 250 x 150 px.

Is 1920×1080 the same as 16 9?

1920 x 1080 is a 16:9 aspect ratio. By default, smartphones, DSLRs, and most modern camcorders record video at 1920 x 1080.

How many KB should a logo be?

For online profiles, be sure to keep your logo image size smaller than 200KB, best if it were under 100KB. White and Black. You need your logo in a black version and white version as well as your full-color version. Your logo should be recognizable on many different backgrounds and formats.

What is the best pixel size for logos?

Logos are measured in pixels, for example, 1200 x 630 px. Vector files are the best, as they are easy to work with. You can convert them to any file format that you need — for example, FPGs and PNGs. Vertical, horizontal, and square versions of your logo are good to have.

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Size of this preview: 731 × 600 pixels. Other resolutions: 293 × 240 pixels | 585 × 480 pixels | 936 × 768 pixels | 1,248 × 1,024 pixels | 2,359 × 1,936 pixels.


Description Wavebob Company Logo
Author CM
Permission (Reusing this file) See below.

General Tips. + Resolutions should ideally be 300 pixels per inch. + It’s easier to start with a photo too large and size it down than to start with one too small and try to blow it up. + For print applications, your logo and line (clip) art should be vector files, not raster.

What logo format is best for a website?


JPG, PNG and SVG are the best file formats for logos on the web. The right format will provide rich colours, transparent backgrounds and scalability to ensure they are perfect for any screen size.

Here are the most important steps to designing a logo: —

  1. Understand why you need a logo.
  2. Define your brand identity.
  3. Find inspiration for your design.
  4. Check out the competition.
  5. Choose your design style.
  6. Find the right type of logo.
  7. Pay attention to color.
  8. Pick the right typography.