Which is the correct way to change the eraser size in Illustrator?

How do I change the eraser in Illustrator?

Hi Myo Han, to change the size of the eraser tool on Adobe Illustrator,

  1. Double Click the “Eraser” tool from the toolbar.
  2. A box will pop-up with different control sets, look for and adjust the “Size” slider to your desired size.

How do you change the size of the eraser tool in Photoshop?

The Background Eraser Tool is really a brush, and just like Photoshop’s other Brush tools, you can adjust its size directly from your keyboard. Press the left bracket key ( [ ) repeatedly to make it smaller or the right bracket key ( ] ) to make it larger.

What is the shortcut to change the eraser size in Photoshop?


  1. You can also press and hold the “Alt” key, right-click on the graphic and then move the mouse to dynamically resize the erase brush while the “Eraser” tool is highlighted.
  2. Change the size of other tools that use a brush from the toolbar or by right-clicking while the tool is selected.
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How do I change the size of the eraser in paint?

You must click “+” or “-” on the numeric key pad, not the one next to Backspace. Continue to click the “Ctrl” and then “+” or “-” until the eraser is larger/smaller. Each time you click the two keys, the eraser will increase or decrease by one pixel.

How do you make the eraser bigger in paint?

How to Increase the Size of the Eraser in MS Paint

  1. Select the “Eraser” icon in the Tools section of the Home tab. This icon is in the form of a small pink eraser.
  2. Select the “Size” icon in the Home tab, located to the left of the color palette.
  3. Select the size of the eraser from the four choices provided.

How do you make the brush bigger in paint?

All you need to do is, just select the tool – either pencil, eraser, or shape such as rectangle, circle etc…and hold CTRL key with + button on the num pad to increase the brush size. To decrease, use CTRL key with – button .

How do I change the eraser tool in a circle in Photoshop?

Press the ‘Caps Lock’ key while using one of the brushes. It toggles between a circle and a crosshair view. If it’s always wrong when opening Photoshop change the default behavior in Edit –> Preferences –> Cursors. There you can select ‘Normal Brush Tip’.

How do I change the eraser to white in Photoshop?

Erase with the Eraser tool

  1. Select the Eraser tool .
  2. Set the background color you want to apply if you are erasing in the background or a layer with locked transparency.
  3. In the options bar, choose a Mode setting. …
  4. For Brush and Pencil modes, choose a brush preset, and set Opacity and Flow in the options bar.
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How do you reverse the eraser in Photoshop?

option-x (mac) or alt-x (pc) while under the eraser tool lets you back track your erasing.

How do you make the eraser bigger in Adobe Acrobat?

1 Correct answer

There is no adjustment because the eraser automatically adjusts its size to the thickness of the line drawn with the pencil.

Why can’t I erase in animate?

If the object you try to erase is a symbol, nothing will be erased unless you enter symbol-editing mode by double-clicking the symbol on the Stage, going to Edit > Symbols (Ctrl + E), or double-clicking on it from the Library.

How do I get rid of symbols in Adobe animation?

1. In the Library view, select the symbols to be deleted. Right-click on the selection and select Delete or press [Delete].